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The Food4Thought 6-Step Roadmap

Apply - Equip - Agree - Launch - Lead - Multiply


“The positive response and hunger to come along and keep coming along with the frequently heard question, ‘Can I invite a friend?’ has been astounding!”

There are six steps that take you from the beginning of the journey to becoming a fully-fledged, activated and influential F4T Leader / Facilitator.


The first step is to apply to be a Leader / Facilitator. We are looking for people who will make great Leader / Facilitators: men and women of good character, solid faith and with values that fit F4T, as well as the attributes that we are looking for. Are you the leader we are looking for?


If your application is successful, we will then equip you with the skills and understanding necessary to successfully start and run a F4T Group and shepherd the people in that group. In addition to the initial equipping, we will provide ongoing coaching and conferences to further your equipping and help you to grow even more.


The next step is that we come to mutual agreement about what it means to accredit you as a F4T Leader / Facilitator with both parties signing off so that you can then start a F4T Group.


By now you will be ready to gather together and launch a F4T Group. This is where the rubber hits the road! We will help you with ideas on how to gather people to potentially join the group.


As you have gathered a group together, you will now be able to start leading the members. This is where the fun really starts. For some, you will have the privilege of seeing them journey to faith. For others, you will see their faith come alive, and you will walk with these men and women as you help them to discover what a life of purpose really means and how that life can be theirs.


You might think that leading a F4T Group will be the last stop on the Roadmap, but there is one critical step that is next; it’s seeing new F4T Groups being birthed with new Leader / Facilitators being raised up so that multiplication occurs.